Saturday, June 17, 2006

European Disunion

Deutsche Welle reports the Unionists are having a tough row. After a 2 day summit, the European Union member states (25) have decided they need another 2 years to decide what to do, so they pushed off a final decision until 2008. The ever comical Jacques Chirac says, "We need more time to reflect." (If it was surrendering his country, he wouldn't take that long.)

Last year, citizens of Netherlands and France rejected the ratification of the EU Treaty. Other countries (eg Germany) didn't allow their citizens to vote, they had the treaty ratified by their parliament. As the Germans reason, democracy is such a messy affair, it is far better if their subjects are told what to do.

Forty years ago, Fernand Braudel pointed out the difficulties of unification. Braudel pointed out Europe has not solved their lingua franca problem. And does anyone believe the French will accept English as the official language of the EU?


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