Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Head butts and No buts

Head bangin' and a lost cup. My dear niece loves soccer; she played for years, but 2 knees injuries ended her passion for the sport -- I cringed when she described resetting her knee each time it became dislocated. While on Holiday, the World Cup played out on TV, and she intently watched the games. Her "teams" were ousted late in the games. I like playing soccer with my son, but he's 3-1/2 years old, so it's a game, not a sport, but apart from his momentary enjoyment in running and playing with Daddy, the game draws a huge vacuum for me, but I guess that's because I'm uncultured. C'est la vie!

If I watched 15 minutes of the games, I'd be surprised, and it would have been more accidental than intentional. Thank Zeus, it's like presidential campaigns and it only occurs on a 4-year cycle.

Anyway, France is dancing to an odd tune this summer. Coup de Boule (Head Butt). I haven't a clue what they're singing, other than: Zindane struck, we blew the cup.

Next, we read France's summer smash reading hit is "Temoinage (Testimony), a hefty work of confession and stricture by the hyper-ambitious Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy." Some weeks ago, the Clearchannel disc scandal took off, it was reported that Sarkozy had accepted bribes. Later, the bank records on the disc were proven to be a fraud. The rumor mill suggested Prime Minister de Villepin's friends engineered the smear to discredit Sarkozy. And the speculation was, it occurred because of the pending release of Sarkozy's book.

The Dreyfuss Affair involved a half-Jew accused of treason based on forged documents. The Clearchannel disc scandal involved the half-Jew Sarkozy based on a "forged" bank records contained on a disc. The similiarities are uncanny.

Well, the French are at the beach lapping up Sarkozy's scolding. The initial release sold out within hours, and there's to be an "emergency reprint." We read Sarkozy tells his countrymen: "Among his more headline-grabbing suggestions is that the French should accept English as the modern world's lingua franca" (emphasis mine).


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