Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Insular News

China Daily reports Iraq insurgents say they "[have] decided to kill four kidnapped Russian Embassy workers after a deadline for meeting its demands passed." (I didn't realize the Russians had troops in Iraq, which necessitated butchering Russians to compel their troops to be withdrawn.)

Graciously, China Daily exhibits some rare treasures of Western civilizations for their devoted readers.

In more good news: China Daily reports "No [Bush] administration official has publicly raised the possibility bombing the North Korean missile before it could be launched." However, Jan Lodal -- a Defense Department official during the Clinton administration -- did say, "that he would not rule out a pre-emptive strike."

Xinhua reports "China pursues no selfish interests in Africa." Today, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is in South Africa. Wen stated "China provided more than 900 infrastructure projects to African countries, including a railway line between Tanzania and Zambia." (Altruism, my ass!)

The Korea Herald reports:
North Korea yesterday made it clear that the motive behind its missile diplomacy is to draw the United States into dialogue.

...The United States has chosen to ignore Pyongyang's brinksmanship diplomacy, insisting it will only speak to the North at the six-nation nuclear talks that have been stalled since last year.

... Thomas Schieffer, U.S. ambassador to Japan and Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso said last week that they would close ranks on the missile launch matter to seek sanctions from the Security Council should Pyongyang execute the test-fire.

Analysts see this as unlikely, mostly because China, Pyongyang's main benefactor, and Russia, a former supporter of the North, would likely use their veto power over the issue.
Today's edition of The Japan Times front page does not even mention North Korea's "missile diplomacy." The Japanese are apparently more interested in sex. Nope, strike that! They're not interested in that either, but at least the Japanese have figured out that "sexless couples" don't have kids.


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