Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cordesman's grade: a freakin' zero!

Anthony Cordesman and his fellow travelers (Kofi Annan, Jacques Chirac, Vladmir Putin, Dennis Kucinich, and Scott Ritter) were all opposed to the U.S. led invasion of Iraq.

In May 2004, Cordesman provided so-called expert testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Cordesman told us we were engaged in an exercise of "intellectual infantilism" because Iraq, and indeed the whole region, was shackled by its history of being enslaved by tryants and autocratic rulers. Cordesman reminded us there was "no history of pluralism, no or weak moderate political parties, and deep religious and ethnic divisions." Like George Wallace, Cordesman barred the gate of change.

In essence, Cordesman reasons as Aristotle did, for they believe that some are only suited for slavery.

Thus, it's not surprising we find Cordesman carping about the latest quarterly Department of Defense report, "Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq." The good doctor schoolmarmishly gave the DoD a failing grade.

In the incestuous swamp of DC's Jacobin clubs, it's not surprising we find Count de Borchgrave, polishing his steel of bitterness, ever ready to enflame mob dissent. The good Count's hourglass is half empty; as he believes, we have but 5 years before a nuclear weapon is detonated on our soil.

Not surprisingly, Cordesman found what he was looking for; however, the nugget unearthed wasn't worth the effort of the dig. As all noisome pedants do when combing through precious "data," Cordesman found only "meaningless metrics." Outside of the Beltway, mere mortals call this: "Go find me a rock," for it is nothing more than an endless search for just the right Pet Rock.

Once you get past Cordesman's breathless bulletized summary, you find little substance and much fuss over more "meaningless metrics." Navius' bird droppings are more useful than Cordesman's labored musings.

Perhaps, after the next Iraq quarterly report is issued, Cordesman may want to consult Jeff Goldstein's informative interview with Zarqawi, so he can better inform the American people how utterly incompetent the Department of Defense is.


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